Titanium bright bars are commonly known as titanium CP1 that finds it applications in many areas. Due to its ductility and outstanding corrosion resistance, it can withstand in seawater and thus most of the marine companies purchase these bars. Titanium bright bar is available in most of the almost 30 grades, with the most common being grade 5 and grade 2. The medical field often uses small-diameter round bar for body implantable fasteners and dental appliances.


  • Petrochemical

  • Oil & Gas

  • Paper

  • Refineries

  • Nuclear Power

  • Cement

Available Grades

  • AMS 4921

  • ASTM F-67

  • ASME SB348

  • ASTM B348

Available Forms

  • Round

  • Square

  • Rectangular

  • Hydraulic