Titanium black bars are commonly known as titanium CP1 that finds it applications in many areas. Due to its ductility and outstanding corrosion resistance, it can withstand in seawater and thus most of the marine companies purchase these bars. Apart from it, these bars are also resistant to chemical environments such as aqueous salt solutions, alkaline media, oxidizing media, organic compounds and dry/wet hot gases. Titanium also shows excellent resistance to bromine gas, wet chlorine, nitric acid, liquid metals and mildly reducing acids. Among all CP grades, grade 4 has the highest strength. Due to this reason, it has an additional advantage over the use of stainless steels.


  • Oil & Gas Industry

  • Petrochemicals Plants

  • Chemical Plants

  • Industrial Machinery

  • Power Industry

  • Paper & Pulp Industry

  • Food Processing Industry

  • Refineries

Available Grades

  • AMS 4921

  • ASTM F-67

  • ASME SB348

  • ASTM B348

Available Forms

  • Round

  • Square

  • Rectangular

  • Hydraulic