Tantalum Bright Bars is used for electronic parts, and in light of its maintenance properties, tantalum is an astounding getter of residual gasses in clearing tubes. Tantalum movies give high capacitance per volume allowing downsizing of devices and equipment. Tantalum capacitors are used in PCs and cell phones. Tantalum is moreover celebrated for its imperviousness to erosion by acids; honestly, underneath 150C, Tantalum is absolutely impervious to consumption by water regia. Due to its imperviousness to strike by body fluids, Tantalum gives a phenomenal material to therapeutic contraptions. These are available in different assurance and estimations as indicated by the client’s necessities.


  •  X-ray or radiation shielding

  •  Chlorinator springs

  • Machined parts for chemical processing equipment

  •  Sputtering gun barrels

  •  Machining into fasteners

  •  Components for light bulbs

Available Grades

  • R05400

  • R05255

  • R05252

  • R05240

Available Forms

  • Round

  • Square

  • Hex (A/F)

  • Rectangle

  • Wire (Coil Form)

  • Wire-mesh