Stockist Of Super Duplex Steel Round Bars

Kobe is one of the most reputed Importers and Exporters in all types of Metals in India. We offer Super Duplex Round Bar in different type of thickness, specification, grades and dimensions.
These wires may be an “all-position” process with the right filler metals (the consumable electrode), no shielding gas needed with some wires making it suitable for outdoor welding and/or windy conditions, and have Metallurgical benefits from the flux such as the weld metal being protected initially from external factors until the slag is chipped away.

       Super Duplex Round Bar are extensively used in diverse applications industry, and are formed from urbane technology and superior grade of raw materials. They are available in market leading and affordable prices.


  • Nitric Acid Processes, Polypropylene Production, PVC Production, Dioxide, Caustic Evaporators, Equipment.

  • Handling Organic and Fatty Acids.

  • Propellers and Shafts, Rudders, Shaft Seals, Pumps, Bolts and Fasteners, Valves, Instrumentation, Oil and Chemical Tankers

  • Pumps, Valves, Pipe, Vessels, Wellhead Equipment, Subsea Equipment
    Fans and pumps, Wet Scrubbers, Incinerators

  • Black liquor heater tubes, Digester Blow Valves, Rotary Feed Valves, I.D.Fans, Brownstock Washers, Precipitators, Bleaching Components
    Sugar Cane Centrifuges, Corn and Vegetable processing plant

  • Fertiliser Production (Wet phosphoric acid)

Available Grades

  • ASTM A276

  • A479 / ASME SA276

  • SA479

  • ASTM A789 / A789M

  • ASTM A928 / A928M

Available Forms

  • Round, Square

  • Hex (A/F)

  • Rectangle

  • Wire (Coil Form)

  • Wire-mesh

  • Billet

  • Ingot

  • Forging